What I Do

At the present time I am meeting with people online. I can be contacted by email or phone.

I offer systemic psychotherapy to individuals, couples or families and see children and young people under eighteen with their parents.

My approach uses the experiences of self and other to co-create new understandings and meanings. I focus on how we can bring about change, for ourselves and others, through communication. Individuals exist in relationship with others and different experiences create multiple connections and meanings but often it can be difficult to make sense of our lives and we may not see the choices we have made or could have. Talking with someone else can help bring an element of change or difference to a problem situation, so that new ways of being and interacting with others may be discovered. Sometimes our family stories can be seen as problematic but they can also be a source of inspiration to find a way forward in our lives.

I use a range of narrative, discursive and solution focussed approaches.

I can help with:

  • relationships
  • family problems
  • bullying
  • bereavement
  • abuse
  • gender and identity
  • work-related problems
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • whole life-cycle